Letter - A brilliant column written by Tash Reddy, ‘Why is it always about money’ (POST September 20-24).

I am yet to learn of parents who opt to teach their children life skills, how to value it and make it work for them. 

To date, all parents with young children all have the same mindset. 

The situation has reached an extreme level to a point; parents admit they spend minimum on themselves and save everything else for their children to satisfy their wants now and in the future. 

How will a child understand growth and development and be taught the power of earning if everything they yearn for is handed to them?

Read: Why is it always about money?

How will the present generation prepare the next if the current generation aren’t trained to handle the roughness and toughness of our world?

To me, it seems like many parents have forgotten the essence of “core values”. Kids these days display very poor mannerisms, and no respect, especially to those who have less than themselves. 

What type of leaders are we creating for the future?

It is definitely time to get back to basics.