Vashir and Vihan Kemraj

DURBAN brothers Vashir and Vihan Kemraj, better-known as the VK Boyz, are on a mission to inspire and enlighten the youth through their recently released debut album, a compilation of bhajans entitled Shiv Mahima.

Vashir, 11, is most popularly known for his role in the hit film Keeping up with the Kandasamys and he hosts a radio programme on Hindvani.

While he enjoys making audiences smile, he said promoting culture was equally important to him.

“So many young people are ashamed of their culture and I hope our CD will encourage them to take an interest in it. Through the devotional songs, we hope to inspire the youth.”

Their mother, Vireka, and dad, Vishen, are also musically inclined.

Said Vireka: “Vishen is one of the country’s most renowned percussionists and he teaches Indian music. So it’s no surprise that Vashir and Vihan are involved in music and acting.”

She said Vihan, 6, made his singing debut two years ago and loved being on stage. Vireka added that the album was a special project as they worked on it as a family.

“I wrote a few of the songs, while Vishen did the music. We hope that through our boys, other children will be encouraged to unleash their talents and also be proud of their Indian roots.”

* For queries on Shiv Mahima, call 060 429 5953.

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