Flying can take its toll on the skin, so following a routine when on a plane can help. Picture:

Seasoned traveller Ingrid Altmann knows that travel puts a massive stress on the skin.

“Trying to look good while travelling is also stressful, but there are always ways to look good. I try some of these tips myself,” she said.

·         First and foremost dose up on vitamins before flying, there may be someone on the plane who is sick and their germs will be circulating.

·         Make sure your skin care products are in the correct sized containers if you are travelling internationally as there is a limit restriction.

·         Before leaving home and arriving at the airport use a serum under your moisturiser to help lock in moisture.

·         Apply moisturiser as your skin does not get a great deal of oxygen while flying and use an eye serum. On a long haul flight you might want to re-apply your moisturiser.

·         Use a  moisturiser that has Hyaluronic acid in it – it reduces water loss.

·         Look after your lips too – pop in a lip balm.

·         Even though you are on a plane you still need SPF especially if you are in a window seat.

·         Wear a minimum amount of make-up for long haul flights and if you’re brave enough, remove your makeup in the evening

·         Pack wet wipes or a hand sanitizer – keep your hands clean as you are constantly touching items and then your skin.

·         Pack a good hand lotion.

·         Wear a headscarf to keep your hair from getting tangled and messy.

·         Pack a mini hair brush or tangle teezer.

·         Use deo, nothing worse than a smelly passenger.

·         And please brush your teeth.

·         And if you have eaten garlic, take Garlict – takes your “bad” breath away

·         Try and get some beauty sleep – pack an eye mask.

·         For comfort pack a travel pillow or your own pillow.

·         If you haven’t been able to sleep and have watched endless movies, then eye creams and eye drops are very handy to soothe eyes.

·         Once you land, look your best by applying your travel-friendly makeup.

·         Drink lots of water. It is essential to stay hydrated.