Travelling can be stressful and to get perfect looks every time is almost impossible. As a young traveller, I generally put on a track pants, match it with a t-shirt and throw over an oversized jacket. I soon realised that I do not have to compromise my style to have comfort on a flight. Men, remember you can look good on a flight without going all out, one has to just style your looks accordingly.

The cool, calm and collected flyer


Brad Pitt may be in his 50s, but his looks are timeless. Despite travelling hours on a flight, Pitt manages to look good. Here he is seen wearing an all white outfit. He threw on a vest and a clear sweater that he paired well white pants. He broke the look with a beige hat and shoes.

The business type


If you flying for business, there are ways to look good without looking like that “stiff guy in aisle 3.” Mixing formal looks ( a shirt, waistcoat or blazer) with informal (jeans, t-shirts) can be a perfect mix for any business traveller. Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey  is seen wearing a denim/navy look. He pairs his jeans with a denim style navy waistcoat and blazer with a check shirt. He completes his look with a pair of black sneakers.

The Kanye flyer


I admire Kanye West’s style, especially when he travels. He is able to throw together an outfit effortlessly. His looks are all casual and is dependant on the weather. Comfortable sneakers, like the one West uses here, are a big plus when travelling long haul flights.