The Vacoas Market in Mauritius is ablaze with the colours of ripe tropical fruit. Picture: Pixabay.

Summer time means day outings to markets and indulging in some good food. There’s lots to discover, from fresh fruit and vegetables, food and souvenirs. We spoke to Luane Lavery, the Brand Communications Manager for, who provides a list of markets travellers should attend this festive season:

Blue Bird Garage in Muizenberg

Handmade charcuterie is a specialty at the Blue Bird Garage market in Muizenberg. Picture: Pixabay.

Originally a hangar for an aircraft that transported post, the site is now converted to a market that’s open every Friday from 4pm to 10pm. Blue Bird Garage serves a variety of food and drink, including craft beers. The market is filled with artisanal bread, cheeses, handmade jewellery, clothing and second-hand books, organic produce and fresh cut flowers. For further information, visit

The Valley Market in the Old Tramways Building in Baakens Valley

This market in Port Elizabeth is bursting with some of the most delightful items waiting to be eaten. From a variety of confectionary, handmade chocolates and gelato, and a selection of hot foods, there is something for all taste buds. Parents will be happy to know that there is a designated children’s area with childminders and activities to keep them  occupied for hours. Lavery recommends trying the bacon and whisky fudge, paella and dim sim. The entry fee goes towards Love Story, a charity that supports soup kitchens, feeding schemes and crèche. It’s open on the first Saturday of the month, from 9am to 2pm, and the first Thursday of the month, from 5pm to 9pm. For more information, e-mail [email protected]

The Victoria Street Market in Durban

The Victoria Street Market in Durban is renowned for its fresh spices. Picture: Pixabay.

The original market started in 1910, but was gutted by a fire in 1973. The new market reflects the African, Asian and European heritage of Durban and KwaZulu-Natal. Traders sell spices, carved artworks and fresh produce, including meat and seafood. For further information,

Dambwa Market in Livingstone

At this market, you can find live chickens, mopani worms, carvings and vibrantly-coloured locally-made cloth. Also go in search of walking-sticks with the carved fish-shaped head and snake-like body depicting the Nyami Nyami, the river god, of the Zambezi in the folklore of the local Tsonga people.

Vacoas Market, in Mauritius

The Vacoas Market in Mauritius is ablaze with the colours of ripe tropical fruit. Picture: Pixabay.

Known as one of the island’s bigger markets, one can spot locally grown goods like chou chou, zinzeli, pipangaye, corrosol, patol, calbase, zat, pamplemousse and jamalac. There are also freshly made samosas, rotis and croquettes available daily.