Europe has some sexy spots, like this one in Lake Como.

Couples need a sexy weekend away from the children and the stresses of life. Europe has a range of hotel offerings that can rekindle a romance or spice up a relationship. Here are our top spots:

Romance with a view: Grand Hotel Tremezzo

WHERE: Lake Como, Italy

While not as risqué as the others, this hotel sets the tone for romance. Known as the perfect Italian retreat, George Clooney was once spotted here. If you feel like splurging,  the rooftop suite with a jacuzzi under the stars and fantastic views of the lake is one you should book. The hotel's origins date back to the early 1900's, the era of romantic grand tours, long voyages and illustrious travellers. Lake Como was already a stopover on the international tourist circuit and a favourite destination with foreign visitors from England, Germany, France and Austria.

Setting the tone with some sexy surprises:  The Kameha Grand

WHERE: Zurich, Switzerland

The Kameha Grand, situated in Zurich, has themed suites for any occasion. Located on the 4th floor, their burlesque suites seduces with their velvet and silk satin decor. There are no limits in this room and guests get a box of surprises filled with some sexy items to get romance going. The suite is also equipped with an over sized king bed and a kitchenette so you do not have to leave the room. If you do crave some good food, the hotel has a walking dinner that is bound to satisfy.

Bling suspended bed will impress: The Spagna Royal Suite Hotel- Rome Italy

WHERE: Rome, Italy

Spagna Royal Suite is a classic hotel  located in Rome. Close to the Spanish Steps, in the heart of the city's shopping district, this Boutique Hotel offers the opportunity to choose exclusive suites furnished with originality and taste. Our favourite is the deluxe double room that boasts a giant stiletto bath. If you want to be adventurous, ask them for the suite that offers a suspended bed.

50 shades of Grey got nothing on this room: The Sanctum Soho Hotel

WHERE: London, United Kingdom

Dubbed the BXG suite, this takes 50 shades of Grey to the extreme, but perfect for those looking to have an uninhibited sexy weekend. The suite features an adults only toy chest packed with handcuffs, a blindfold, features and a whip. So step into the suite if you brave enough and seek some fun.

Brothel turned hotel: Maison Suquet

WHERE: Paris, France

Picture: LSB.

Maison Souquet, once a building that served as a pleasure house during the Belle Époque, one of the most lavish and licentious pages in the history of Paris has been brought to life. Now guests can revel in its beautiful  designs  created by Jacques Garcia. The hotel is filled with mystery, elegance, exoticism, sensuality, and ostentatious luxury of these establishments with their own architectural mores.

Maison Souquet is home to 20 rooms, including six suites.