The Pikaia Lodge is a spectacularly located paradise

If you have a bit of money to spare, there are very few better ways to spend it than on a luxury vacation. There are countless secluded, breathtaking locations across the globe and there are plenty of options to consider that cater to your specific desires. Here's a special one.

Pikaia Lodge

The Pikaia Lodge is a spectacularly located paradise. 

Perched atop an extinct volcano on the Galapagos Islands ("an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed on either side of the Equator in the Pacific Ocean surrounding the centre of the Western Hemisphere"), this lodge is located on one of the most storied and picturesque islands in the world. 

The Pikaia Lodge is named after the Pikaia Gracilens which, according to Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, was the first creature to have evolved into a vertebrate during the Cambrian period some 500 million years ago.

Naturally, the lodge has an extensive fleet of boats, kayaks and yachts that allow patrons the opportunity to enjoy in the sights on the spectacular location. The package at Pikaia Lodge also includes a yacht trip - you can also hike, kayak, snorkel during this trip, should you choose. 

The lodge's site calls on the "physically active and adventurous traveler, who seeks close contact with the unique natural wonders of the Galapagos, with the highest level of comfort and services that can be provided within the limitations of such a remote, restricted and eco-sensitive location."

With its wonderfully secluded location, Pikaia is built on privacy and personalized attention. The Galapagos National Park also allows you to go out and experience some land based activities, should you for some strange reason not be satisfied with your private villa. You can also enjoy in the property's private tortoise reserve, infinity pool, Sumaq spa and some leisure time on its white sandy beaches.