Pics by Nicolas Dumont
Founded in 1969, Southern Sun Hotel Group has grown into South Africa's largest hotel chain. 

On the final night of my 5-day media trip to Abu Dhabi last week, I spent a night at the Southern Sun Abu Dhabi. 

The third hotel of our visit, the Southern Sun was perhaps the most comfortable. Not only because it reminded me of home, which I was starting to miss, but because it was subtly elegant and well put together.

Situated in the heart of the capital’s business district, this hotel features an attractive contemporary design with some Arabesque influences.

The rooms are pleasantly spacious and the open plan is warmly designed. 
One of my favourite aspects of a hotel room is the bathroom, and this hotel's bathroom was perfect! 

Before dinner, we enjoyed some wine and cocktails on the outdoor Balcon Bar Terrace.  This bar has its own pool and some private poolside cabanas

Every Thursday, the hotel's The Foundry restaurant has a Steak Feast. We took advantage of this option and indulged in a collection of signature dishes from starters all the way to dessert. 

Apart from the lovely steak cuts, the freshly-shucked oysters and the prawns were an absolute treat. 

 Southern Sun Abu Dhabi is home away from home.