Andrew Stark, the Managing Director of the Flight Centre Travel Group Middle East and Africa, talks travel.

Andrew Stark, the Managing Director of the Flight Centre Travel Group Middle East and Africa, is no stranger to travel.

He has travelled to 44 countries and will visit Barcelona next month. Clinton Moodley caught up with Stark to find out about his travels and his most embarrassing travel memories.

Tell us about a day in your life? Every day is different. I wake around 4.30am, depending on how busy I am for that particular day. I usually go for a run before  I head off to work. Most of my days are spent in meetings or interacting with people, followed by travelling or meeting with suppliers. I usually answer around 80 to 200 emails a day. Once I am at home, I try to spend as much time with my wife, Kirsten, and our three children.

What is your favourite place in South Africa? It is a toss-up between Umhlanga in Durban and Camps Bay in Cape Town.

Three must-have travel items when on a trip? International travel plugs, cellphone and iPad charger and my toothbrush.

What is one bucket list item everyone should see once in their life? New York. The Big Apple offers an array of offerings to attract travellers.

Why is travel is important? Everyone should experience the freedom of travel. Try to visit as many countries as you can to explore your horizons. Whether you travel on a train, boat or an airplane, take time to experience the culture and the world.

Do you have any embarrassing travel memories? I do not know whether this is embarrassing or not, but I tend to snore when I sleep on a flight. There are many glaring eyeballs at me when I wake up. (Laughs).

Where do you see Flight Centre in 5 years? We hope to be one of Africa’s greatest technological and travel experience companies.

Do you have any travel tips for first-time travellers…Do not trust what you see online. Purchase all-inclusive packages. Start exploring your home country.

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