Africa is transforming the face of travel, showcasing some of the most beautiful places in the world. One of the myths is that animals in Africa roam free, but the truth is that animals are designated to game reserves and national parks where they are protected. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

The things I have heard about Africa shocks me sometimes. I would probably believe these misconceptions if I did not live here, but the truth is that Africa is transforming the face of travel, showcasing some of the most beautiful places in the world. Before we give in to myths, let's give this stunning continent a chance.

Here are some misconceptions that many locals would like to clarify:

Myth: Africa is a country.

Fact: Africa is a continent and made up of 57 countries. While some countries share similarities, many countries are unique. For example, Ethiopia is known for its coffee while Ghana is known for its historic landmarks. There is so much to explore in each country that one needs to make many trips to this beautiful continent to learn more about it and its people.

Myth: Africa is full of criminals.

Fact: Every place you travel to these days comes with its far share of crime, but associating a place with danger and not wanting to visit is robbing you of a good time in Africa. While one cannot overlook crime, it's important to research the places you want to visit. TripAdvisor helps in this regard as it provides information on places to go and ones to avoid.

Myth: There is wild animals roaming everywhere.

Fact: I find this statement absurd. Africa has designated parks and game reserves where animals, including the big 5, roam freely, away from people. Most of these places are secured by fencing so these animals may not escape. Travellers can go on a safari to see these animals and be safe while the animals enjoy their territory.

Myth:You cannot go to Africa because you will get diseases. 

Fact: I overheard many people say they were scared to visit Africa because they will get the ebola virus or cholera. African countries have done an exceptional job to warn visitors of keeping safe when visiting countries that pose health threats, meaning that they need to take their vaccines, medicine and insect repellents to help them steer clear of any health threats. That being said, Africa is fairly safe to travel and some countries like South Africa does not require vaccines to enter.

Myth: Africa means sleeping outside and no WiFi.

Fact: Africa is home to some of the most luxury spots in the world. Here you can have a five star safari stay, indulge in some scenic beach views while in a luxury hotel sipping on champagne and WiFi is available almost anywhere these days. 

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