The cityscape of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa. Picture: Reuters
The cityscape of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa. Picture: Reuters

Have time to spare in Addis Ababa? Go on and explore the city

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Jul 17, 2019

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Nobody likes a layover, especially when you're not familiar with the city you find yourself in - mid transit.

It's a great chance to make the most of the few hours you have to spare, and worth checking if you can explore beyond the walls of the duty free shops at the airport.

Ethiopian Airlines is all too aware of this and has now made it a bit easier for travellers to make the most of their time in Addis Ababa.

Passengers with six to eight hour layover in Addis Ababa, are eligible to enjoy the free city tour organised by Ethiopian Holidays, the tour operator wing of Ethiopian Airlines Group. 

Exploring Addis Ababa

The complimentary sightseeing tour takes transit passengers to the National Museum, which exhibits the country’s historical, cultural and archaeological findings, accompanied by a taste of Ethiopian coffee and souvenir shopping.

Head of Ethiopian Holidays, Dr Zewdu Hailemariam says: “While promoting Ethiopia, Land of Origins, and its beautiful capital Addis Ababa alike, as must-see tourist spots, we provide the huge influx of global transit passengers in Addis Ababa with the best and memorable travel experiences on their way to their destination. Over the past few months, more than 1 200 transit passengers have benefited from the city tour.

Transit passengers are required to make arrangements with the airline before their flight departs from its destination of origin. 

You should also account for the possibility that you might fall in love with the capital of Ethiopia and want to delay your travel plans and stay a bit longer.

If that is the case, tourist attractions worth checking out includes Mount Entoto, the Holy Trinity Cathedral and Addis Mercato Market.

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