Hotel Verde Zanzibar
The 106-roomed, five-star Hotel Verde Zanzibar  was commissioned by owner and Zanzibari-born businessman Mr Said Salim Awadh Bakhresa and will now fulfill  his vision of becoming leaders in building East Africa’s greenest hotel.

Following on from their  success and worldwide recognition of Hotel Verde, Africa’s greenest hotel in  Cape Town Airport, the project was contracted to South African-based Verde  Hotels.

Verde Hotels was able to enter the building phase at a timeous point to  implement the many green, sustainable strategies required in the promotion of
responsible tourism. Some of these implementations include a renewable energy  generation, reticulated grey and black water recycling systems, waste
management, a heating ventilation air conditioning system and  regenerative drive elevators. 

During construction, the hotel has followed the  criteria of the Green Building Council and will manage and operate as a certified  sustainable establishment, offering a carbon-efficient stay.
The hotel is situated 2km from the popular and ever-developing Stone Town and  a within walking distance to the beach. 

The 106 rooms offer guests 5-star ultra- luxury standard rooms and penthouse suites, a spa, a gym (fully equipped with  energy-generating gym equipment), 3 restaurants, conference facilities,  entertainment, a gaming room, kids’ club, jet-skis and water sports. 
Future plans  include the completion of a marina and a fully-kitted waterpark, which is already  under construction.

The spa at Hotel Verde Zanzibar
The spa at Hotel Verde Zanzibar

With inbound tourism numbers on a sharp incline, Zanzibar is becoming a  popular choice for holiday-makers, incentive travellers, and corporate and
conferencing groups. 

Tanzania offers great value for money and ticks off many  boxes: Mount Kilimanjaro, un-matched wildlife parks, and an incredible history,
not to mention the kilometers of pristine tropical coastline.