Siba Mtongana and her husband Brian take in the sights and sounds of Mauritius before the birth of their fourth child. Picture: Instagram.

As reported earlier this week, celebrity chef Siba Mtongana and her husband Brian Mtongana were off to Mauritius for a baby moon.

Siba announced her pregnancy for her fourth child in a photo on Instagram last week.

The couple stayed at Club Med La Plantation d'Albion, a 21-hectare resort known for its “lush and fragrant vegetation”.

On Instagram, the star showed off Mauritius in a series of pictures that featured the country’s calm blue waters and its nature.

Her followers also got to see a light-hearted side when she was photographed “collecting water” at a waterfall.

“Collecting all the water for back home😉... at least it was raining heavily before we left which is awesome…” Siba posted, in reference to the Cape’s water crisis.

As she explored the country, she also showcased some of their fresh fruit and vegetables, including green bananas, granadillas, coconuts and lemons.

Siba found one item that she particularly liked, which was banana jam. Unfortunately her hubby did not have the same sentiments about it.

“Every time I travel for holiday or work I'm always on food discovery mode... was fascinated by this banana jam... funny enough I expected a mushy texture but to my surprise it wasn't as they used slightly unripened ones and they gave it a bit of texture to the jam... it was really yummy!! I've got an adventurous open palette... Brian said no thank you to this one…” she said on Instagram.

After all the exploring, she decided to cool down with a swim.