N’gor Right is home to what is considered one of the best surfs in the world
Consider visiting Senegal for your next holiday. Here’s why:

Breathtaking beaches

Many of Senegal’s beaches are pristine. With a coastline that stretches over more than 500km along the Atlantic ocean, its beaches are some of the most spectacular in the region. One such beach is the hugely popular, Petite Côte, a stretch of coast that is surrounded by several fishing villages and world-class seaside resorts.

Then there’s N’gor Right, which was one of the destinations in the surf cult documentary, Endless Summer. N’gor Right is home to what is considered one of the best surfs in the world. If you’re keen on surfing its waves, though, make sure you keep an eye out for two dangerous rocks in the water, known locally as Mami and Papi.

Aside from N’gor Right, several other beaches are tailor-made for virtually all beachgoers.

Teranga: Hospitality

Like many African countries, Senegal is known for its warm hospitality, or - as it’s known in the local language of Wolof - its teranga.

Regardless of culture, race and religion, the Senegalese are known to be incredibly hospitable, welcoming and often willing to go the extra mile to accommodate their visitors.

Chef Anthony Bourdain, chatting with a local. Senegalese are known for their incredible hospitality, or teranga, as it's known in the local Wolof language.

If you’re looking to explore the markets or city, plenty of friendly locals are willing and able to guide you. They will provide some insightful information you probably wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Just make sure you have your negotiation cap on because, despite their friendly nature, they will expect some compensation for their efforts. Naturally.


The capital and largest city in Senegal, Dakar, is the centrepiece of the country’s rich tradition and complicated history. The city is known for its sprawling art scene.

There are plenty of impressive galleries, markets, museums and other artsy spaces to explore.

ÎLE de Gorée, an island situated off the coast of Dakar.

Île de Gorée, an island situated off the coast of Dakar, is a painful yet important landmark. The island is a reminder of the harsh reality of its history of slavery. Many were held captive in its tiny rooms before being shipped away into a life of slavery.

On a lighter note, Dakar also has a vibrant culinary scene, driven by its delicious traditional African cuisine.