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Victoria - In the age of the internet, where instant communication is almost ubiquitous, the idea of sending a letter or anything else through the post is almost more of a novelty than a practicality.

However, when it comes to novel ideas, it probably doesn’t get better than the concept of an underwater mailbox.

See the sea life, send a letter

It was partially the pursuit of such novelty that lead to the installation of the underwater mailbox just off the coast of the Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove hotel in Beau-Vallon Beach in The Seychelles.

The mailbox is the first of its kind in The Seychelles, though not the first in the world, with similar submerged mailboxes already in use in Japan, Vanuatu, Malaysia and the Bahamas.

The management team at Le Meridien decided to include the mailbox along with the creation of an underwater snorkelling trail and underwater art gallery, featuring the work of well-known Seychellois artist, Georges Camille.



The string of underwater attractions were installed in an effort to promote the beautiful cove’s vibrant fish and coral life, as part of an initiative know as ‘Unlock the Sea’, which features five main points of interest, says Le Meridien General Manager, Romain Charnet.

The trail and mailbox is open to the public and anyone can explore the trail and gallery or post something in the mailbox.

It may be a novel idea and it’s not certain how many people actually make use of the mailbox for its intended purpose, but next time you’re in the area why not drop off a letter and be one of the few to say they sent a message from under the sea?

Adapted from a press release for IOL