Ivorian soccer star Didier Drogba has teamed up with Turkish airline on their latest African Campaign.

Drogba posted on Facebook that, ‘In the past Africa was shown as synonym of poverty & war, today Africa is showing a different face. Investors keep coming, startups are created, entrepreneurs stand out and many of our countries are emerging. Africa is the destination; Africa is the future.’

General Manager for Turkish Airlines in South Africa, Kenan Ince echoed Drogba’s words, “ Didier Drogba’s words summarize our reasons for our continued expansion into the continent. Turkish Airlines sees a bright future for Africa, and since we support emerging economies we’ll continue to offer competitively-priced travel to more destinations in Africa than any other airline.”

The video clip which is shot around Africa including vibrant shots of Cape Town.

“In this film we aim to reflect these  sides of Africa with Didier Drogba. Turkish Airlines’ ambition is to demonstrate the current developments in Africa in business, culture, arts, technology and more which prove the continent’s obvious progress bursting with endless opportunity” said Mr. Ince.

The advert was first aired during the Africa Cup, on January 23rd.

Turkish Airlines flies to 51 destinations in 33 countries across the continent.