Karibu/KiliFair is the leading international tourism fair promoting and presenting companies based in East Africa as a destination. Pic: Jojo Afful

The Government of Tanzania has announced plans to support the Karibu-KiliFair tourism exhibition to expand.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources Costantine Kanyasu revealed this during the recently concluded tourism show in Arusha.

Speaking as a special guest at the recently concluded Karibu KiliFair travel show, the Minister said, government recognize the role of the private sector towards the development of the tourism sector.

Minister Kanyasu commended the organisers for merging the two travel fairs Karibu Fair and Kili Fair into one.

Mr Kanyasu said tourism is one of the most important sectors in the world, and its enormous importance lies in the fact that it creates employment opportunities and earns the country foreign currency as it attracts foreigners to the country's tourism attractions.

"I commend you for this huge fair that in tourism, because tourism is actually one of the most important sectors of economy in the world. Its importance is due to the fact that it creates many employment opportunities and brings us foreign earnings," said Mr Kanyasu.

The Deputy minister added that the government will be working hand in hand with the private sector to improve tourism, and that it has started the task by improving infrastructure, and ensuring that air, marine and road transport is in fine shape.

He called for exhibitors and international travel agents to visit national parks during this time.

The Chairperson for the Tanzania Tourism Board, Justice (Rtd) Thomas Mihayo, termed the fair as a huge business, wishing exhibitors, travel agents and buyers good business, urging foreigners to be good ambassadors when they go back to their countries, sell Tanzania and tourism and be ready for coming back.

This year the event was moved from Moshi to Friedkin Recreation Center on the outskirts of Arusha city.

According to the organizers, the number of exhibitors increased by 19% from 372 (2018) to 445 exhibitors and the number of registered agents/buyers also went up by 26% from 412 (2018) to 523 registered buyers from 48 countries.

Karibu/KiliFair is the leading international Outdoor Tourism & Industry Fair in Tanzania, promoting and presenting companies based in the Kilimanjaro-Region, Tanzania and East Africa as a destination.

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