A restored section of an old mosque is seen in Suakin at Red Sea state, Sudan.

Khartoum - The Secretary-General of United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Taleb Rifai, pledged that the international Organisation would work with Sudan to communicate its tourism potential.

Rifai began a rare visit to Sudan on Sunday following 11 years of sanctions imposed by the UN Organisation on the country.

“This is my first visit to Sudan and it can be regarded as a declaration for Sudan's openness towards the world tourism market,” Rifai told reporters upon arrival at Khartoum Airport.

He said Sudan has a promising tourism future and enjoys huge tourism potential waiting to be tapped. “Sudan is a tourist country and seeks to attract tourists, and we will support it in this endeavour,” he noted.

Rifai further urged Sudanese authorities to provide the necessary infrastructure, promote the tourist resources and train employees in the tourism field.

The UNWTO secretary-general is expected to attend the inauguration of the Tourist and Shopping Festival in Sudan's Red Sea State and then visit Sanjaneb Island in the Red Sea, recently registered as a world heritage.