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Monday, August 15, 2022

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WATCH: YouTuber recalls ‘scariest day of his life’ as plane makes U-turn in middle of Atlantic ocean

Picture: Jeffry Surianto/Pexels

Picture: Jeffry Surianto/Pexels

Published Aug 3, 2022


A passenger aboard a Delta flight documented the scary moment when the plane had to make a ‘U-turn’ due to a fuel issue.

And here we thought South Africans are the only ones dealing with fuel issues.

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On YouTube, Xiaomanyc, who's real name is Arieh Smith, posted a video sharing the “scariest day of his life”.

In the video, Smith explains he was travelling to Accra, Ghana when the flight was interrupted by the pilot.

According to Smith, while the plane was over the Atlantic Ocean, the pilot of the plane strolled down the aisle, looking out the window to the wing of the plane.

"We're midway over the Atlantic at this point and he says 'we're going to need to return to New York' and he says 'the plane is momentarily going to make a right turn and we're going back’,“ Smith said.

The pilot explained the plane had a fuel issue and they would have to turn around. However, the sudden change in plans caused passengers on the plane to panic.

In one of his videos, he emotionally remembers the feeling of how scared he was to never see his wife or son again.

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The YouTuber said everyone was clearly scared but there was nothing they could do. Although no one got hurt, many were fearing for their lives.

“A liitle scary indeed...I’ve never seen anything like this,’’ said YouTuber, Rudy Silva.

Pete Aven shared a similar experience he had, ‘’I was on a flight to Heathrow from JFK in the 80s that had a "Fuel Imbalance".

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We turned around over the Atlantic and made an emergency landing in Boston. Found out the next morning the plane had been on fire and we blew all tires but one in the landing.“

Another tweet states the following, ‘’Hey @Delta, my wife’s plane caught on fire leaving the Denver Airport yesterday. Any chance she can get a free flight or peanuts or something,’’ says Alex Edwards.

Imagine the sigh of relief as the plane landed, Smith adds ‘’After two hours of an anxiety-ridden flight, the plane touched down at JFK and a "feeling of relief" washed over him.’’

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