Try to ditch your GPS on your next travel adventure. You will be surprised at how fun the journey would be... Picture: Pexels.

We have become very spoilt with the age of technology. I normally switch on my GPS, add the location and drive to the destination with no hassle whatsoever.  But, it got me thinking. Where's the fun in that? I am transported to a time when technology was non-existence and all travellers relied on were maps and road signs. Times when we stopped at the roadside to ask locals for directions, or when a six-hour trip ended up being 10 hours.

Here are reasons why you should ditch the GPS:

Go where your heart takes you: Having the GPS on means that you are on a structured time. You end up making a few toilet stops and head straight towards the destination. No GPS means more detours and places to explore. Getting lost may end up being a blessing in disguise.

You get to meet new people: 
Asking locals for directions can bring about new friendships, and they may alert you on hidden gems in the area that you may have not known otherwise.

Creates time for bonding: People become so fixed in getting to their destination that they forget to bond with their loved ones. No GPS means that there’s no need to be quiet and everyone can take turns to direct the driver to the destination.