The tree app is set to get people talking about trees.

Trees, an integral but normally neglected part of everyday life will now take center stage with the launch of a tree app that aims to sensitize humans to the role that trees play in specific areas.
Developed by co-founder of a niche publishing house that specialises in publications that are related to wildlife and conservation, Val Thomas, the app has recently been dubbed by enthusiasts as the Google of tree search engines
The app, which will be available for download on Arbor Week which runs from 1-7 September this year, can tell users what specific trees are growing in the region of their choice, including which one of listed trees are indigenous to the area, invasive species or are endangered. The app also features visually appealing illustrations, accompanied by extensive information to help with the identification of the tree. It uses GPS location technology for accuracy purposes-and can additionally narrow down the search to a 12.5km radius-to explain what trees occur in the region. The app, which was five years in the making, has went through a team that has ensured that it is user friendly for users of all ages. 

It will be available for download in September on both Android and IOS platforms. At R499.95 per download. Facebook: The Tree App and Twitter: @thetreeapp. 

A screen grab of the Tree App. Photo: Supplied