We share some of our favourite applications. Photo: Web
Since moving into the digital age the cellphone has become one of the more practical ways to plan your life. Whether you're tracking your flight status, or you're needing to know what 'train' is in French, there will be an application available to save you. 

1. Duolingo 

One of the only free translation apps in the play store, Duolingo has been downloaded over 100 million times. It features more than 20 languages including French, Japanese and Spanish and carries an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, with mostly positive reviews about how the app make it easy to learn basic but important terminologies in the selected language. The application allows you to: 

- Choose the level of competency in the language 
- Do activities according to the level of competency 
- Hear and learn to pronounce the sentences in the language of choice 
- Team up with friends and compete with other app users in your language and category of choice
         Screenshots from the Duolingo application. 

The app is free for download. 

2. XE Currency 

For all your money needs, this app is your friend.  It allows you to convert the currency using the latest currency rates. While the app updates frequently and automatically, this is a plus because you will always have the latest information when it comes to currencies.  It contains in its database the prices of all currencies and precious metals in the world.  The app has had 10 million downloads.

          Screenshots of the XE Currency application. 

It is available for free download. 

3. Offline Maps and Navigation

This app is based on offline maps and it allows users to navigate, lifetime free map updates with no hidden costs with real time traffic that helps to avoid traffic. It has been downloaded 100 thousand times and carries a 4.7 rating with positive reviews about the user interface and the simplicity to navigate the app. Some of its fun features include: 

-Multi language voice navigation
-Speed camera warnings
-3D buildings
-Nightmode based on local sunset time 

The app free for download. 

4. Culture Trip 

This app is for the culture lover. It allows you to search fro unique restaurants, bars and pubs near you as well as show you markets in your area. It gives you features that allow you to use the explore tab to find what is close to you. The best part is that the information listed in the app is written by locals, so you get real time and honest reviews by locals. The app carries a 4.6 rating, has been downloaded 100thousand times and is free for download. 

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