Sun or...
Sun or...
....snow! Pictures supplied.
....snow! Pictures supplied.
Now is the perfect time to start thinking about that December holiday, because if you book early, you’ll get great discounts from a range of providers. The big difficulty may come in when deciding whether to opt for a sun or snow holiday

And while there is no right answer between what kind of holiday is better – snow or sun – there are pros and cons to both. Club Med had their team debating the pros and cons of both, to help make your choice easier.

Coming in strong for the sun holiday team, top reasons given are:

Everyone knows how to lie in the sun and chill – no lessons required and no skill levels requiring instructors
South Africans know how to “do” sun – we live in a beautiful sunny country. So no weird sun burn stories for us
Sunshine boosts our vitamin D and improves our mood
Less clothes packing is required for a sun holiday – well, for most of us anyway!
A beach is a beach is so not a beach! In other words, Club Med resorts in Da Balaia offer a different beach experience to Mauritius. And to Greece. And to the dozens of others on offer. In other words, there are many different types of sun holidays to enjoy
Club Med sun resorts offer a multitude of sport activities – so you come away with new skills like being a trapeze artist or having improved your golf game on some of the most magnificent courses in the world.

However, the ski team have a few ace reasons up their sleeves on why fun in the sun is not nearly as attractive as a ski holiday:

South Africans are a competitive, sport-loving nation and we love to show how good we are on the slopes – even though we have no snow in SA
no weird tan lines (although, truth be told, those funky goggle tans are something to watch out for)
you can ski or snowboard
the clincher of course, is the après-ski. No matter your ski ability or where you ski, the après-ski is an integral part of gliding down the slopes. After all the exercise, one is totally justified not only in having a few alcoholic beverages or chocolat chaud on the slopes, but also enjoying the delectable Club Med dishes and all-inclusive drink options at dinner
no lugging equipment around if you ski with Club Med – so the easiest way to ski, no matter your level
“New world” ski options like Japan and China are rivaling Europe for South Africans to go to – and with Club Med city stopovers, skiing in Japan may just be the best Christmas gift you give yourself.