The family spent Christmas in Thailand. Picture: Her Life+Loves.

Australian couple Clare and Andrew Barnes could be the world’s most coolest parents. The pair, both 35, will spend the year travelling the world with their two children.

The family, who  call themselves The Travelling Tribe, took their children, Spencer, 9, and Lily, 11, out of school and took a break from their own work to globe trot across the world to experience the people, culture and landmarks.

A photo shoot in Hoi An. Picture: Her Life+Loves.

Currently in Asia, having travelled to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and now Malaysia, the family have planned an itinerary with a list of places they will be visiting throughout the year. On her website, Her Life+Loves, Clare said the family sold their home and packed their personal possessions into storage. They decided to set up a budget of $150(around R1800) a day for the whole family, which includes accommodation, food and activities.

“We are all too aware that life is short, so we spent 6 months planning a year long round the world trip together and now we are living our dream.

“With 4 backpacks and a heart full of dreams, we have set off. Our first stop is South East Asia, followed by the UK and Europe,” she entices readers on her website.

Clare Barnes enjoying Vietnam. Picture: Her Life+Loves.

The couple have decided to ‘world school' their children with the Australian curriculum to ensure they get the best education while they take in the sights and sounds of the destinations they are travelling too.

Clare told Daily Mail Australia that the idea to go on this adventure came after the family returned home from an overseas trip in October 2016.

“We got talking about how amazing it would be to take a year away from life as we know it and do something out of the ordinary.

“Our children are learning new words and phrases in different countries and meeting locals. I have no doubt that we will go back to "normal" life at some stage. But for now, we have at least 12 months planned out,' she told the newspaper.