Basetsana Kumalo and Johana Mukoki. Picture: Instagram

Cartoon characters Pinky and The Brain wanted one thing and one thing only, to take over the world. Unfortunately, this was something that was never in their immediate future. 

Two people that in our opinion seem more likely to take over the world are media mogul Basetsana Kumalo and her businesswoman sister Johanna Mukoki. But when they’re taking a  break from that, they’re showing us how ungreat our lives are, jet setting to places we can only dream about.

Just days ago, Mukoki tweeting from @johannamukoki told us in an Instagram video that she was on her way to the US. A few days later, Kumalo checked in at the airport,writing in the caption that she would “work some, and play some”, ending off with the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfTravel.

Keeping all of us in suspense, the sisters only revealed days after checking in that they are attending the Women President Organization conference in the US. The organization brings together women of the world that are the leaders of multimillion-dollar companies. 

According to the organisation's website, the aim of the conference is for members to share strategies and experience with other successful women from all over the world as well as to learn through interactive seminars and speakers. 

If images on Insta are anything to go by, the sisters are having a time and a half in the US. 

        Johanna shares this snap of her settled on board. Picture: Instagram/@johannamukoki

         In her own way, Basie also let us know that she is about to join her sister on their US take over by checking in at the airport. Picture:        Instagram/@basetsanakumalo

        The sisters took some time out from the conference to take a selfie. Picture: Instagram

        Here the sisters are pictured with thought leader and investment company owner, Louisa Mojela (left) of WIPHOLD. A black owned and               managed investment company with a multi-billion rand investment portfolio. Picture: Instagram/@ basetsanakumalo

All we have to do now, is sigh dreamily. *sigh*