Jeannie D is in South Korea and judging from her Instagram posts she had fun.

In a most recent post the talented and ever radiant local star said she discovered one of the best destinations, “I had never considered visiting South Korea before and I'm so pleased to say I've discovered one of the best destinations I've been to in a while. I'm blown away by the people, the food, and sights. the stuff that bucket lists are made of! #lifesgood #SouthKorea

I love how simple of a traveller Jeannie D is. Her travelling experience is more chilled and laid back. Here is what happened in South Korea.

Pictures:  Instagram/iamjeannied

Picture 1:

She poses at Changdeok Palace , set within a large park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The place is one of the five grand palaces built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty. Jeannie D poses in front of one of the building.

Picture 2:

Captioned “Beautiful countryside in South Korea #lifesgood” Jeannie is seen in a town of Gyeongju ,  a city on South Korea's southeast coast. It was the capital of the 1,000-year-long Silla dynasty, and is known for its extensive historical remains. The filter on her picture showcases the beauty of the town perfectly.

Picture 3:

Jeannie stuns in a mini black and pink dress as she stands in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty that was built in 1395.

Picture 4:

How cute is Jeannie in this picture as she ponders whether to enter the Misstakeroom, a restaurant? The colour and the locals in the shot showcases a different side to Korea that her other pictures.

Picture 5:

Her caption titled “This place has gotta lotta Seoul #lifesgood #SouthKorea” shows the playful side of Jeannie as she hold a bag and wears a comfortable shoes, suggesting that she is ready to explore.