Hotels often commit sins that are unforgivable by guests. Some of them are dirty sheets.

Hotels often commit sins that are unforgivable by guests. Guests end up checking out because of the bad service they have received. A few months ago, I checked into a KwaZulu-Natal hotel. At first glance, the room looked neat, but upon closer inspection I found that the sheet was dirty with a coffee like stain and the sink was clogged. While I reported it to front desk and they took the necessary action, it put me off the hotel brand entirely. Often hotels have full occupancy and their staff are usually stressed to complete their clean ups on time. These hiccups can lead to many mistakes and neglect from staff members. Other times, staff are just lazy.

Here are some of the sins that make guests livid:

Dirty sheets:

It is a hotel sin to not change sheets after guests have checked out. Like the experience I had at the KwaZulu-Natal hotel, many people often face the same dilemma, and it shows negatively on the hotel. It does not matter the star rating of an accommodation venue, staff assigned to these duties should make sure that they provide clean sheets.

Rude staff
The cleanliness of a hotel room aside, I dislike rude staff. I have seen some hotel staff members who had a bad day and took it out on their guests. While no one expects you to smile to guests all the time, being polite and adhering is enough to make traveller’s happy.

Bad in house eateries

The food at a hotel needs to match culinary standards although many hotels have compromised their quality of food over the years. The last thing a person wants while on holiday and after a day of touring is to be served bad food. It's hard to determine whether a place has good food if you have not experienced it yourself and online reviews may never paint the whole picture of that particular restaurant.

Check out times

Checkout at 10am is acceptable, but it's frustrating when staff come into your room to clean earlier than expected while you are out enjoying breakfast. I have had that experience before and it was not nice. Hotels should be more accommodating to current guests even if they have to rush to prepare for the next one.