Disneyland hit with power outage during busy holiday week. Picture: Disneyland.

Washington - A power outage hit Disneyland this week during a busy holiday week, stranding visitors on about a dozen rides, according to reports.  The outage affected Toontown and Fantasyland, park spokeswoman Elva Rubalcava told the Hollywood Reporter.

Park employees helped visitors to the Anaheim, California, park off many rides, including the monorail, ABC 7 reported. "We've determined that the issue is with a Disneyland Resort transformer and our team is currently assessing and working to restore power," the report quoted a park statement as saying. 

The outage was reported about 11 a.m and most of the rides were back online about an hour later, a park official told the Los Angeles Times. 

The power cut out as the park, decked in holiday decorations, was packed with visitors. An official Disneyland Twitter account posted just before the outage that the resort "is very busy today."

The park announced two hours after the outage that new visitors were not being allowed in, just guests re-entering the park. Adventure Park remained open, according to the announcement.

Disneyland's Christmas season, which begins in early November and ends in January, includes seasonal attractions and elaborate decorations. 

Longtime visitors know that it's the most crowded time of year. News of the outage quickly spread on social media, with visitors tweeting photos of people stuck on rides - including the iconic "It's a Small World After All" - as well as big crowds. 

A representative for the park, spokeswoman Suzi Brown, responded to a Washington Post query late on Wednesday, saying that power to Toontown was restored around noon and to the rest of the park by 4 p.m. 

The Washington Post