Kirby Gordon, Vice President: Sales and Distribution at FlySafair, tells us why flying is better than driving. Picture: FlySafair.

We are at that period of the year when schools close and visiting the beach seems like a good idea. While holidaymakers should be looking forward to hitting the road and spending some quality time with their families, making travel arrangements can cause more stress than should be allowed when planning a holiday.

In fact, planning to drive long distance in any kind of vehicle can literally drive you completely crazy. But, we feel that leaving home should not make you feel like you’d rather jump in front of a bus than board one. We’d rather you sit back and literally watch all the problems that have been stressing you out get smaller…from 30 000 feet above the ground.

Whether you’re the designated driver or boarding a crowded bus there are at least five reasons why it’s so much better to fly. 

1.      Say goodbye to stress

Flying is more relaxing with the pilot driving. Forget about planning the route, departure time and toilet/rest breaks. No need to worry about packing snacks, water, an emergency triangle, and car and wheel jack. All you need to worry about when flying is what to read and which snacks you’d like brought to you.

This is how every holiday should start – care-free and stress-free.

2.      Fewer safety concerns

For every person that prioritises safety on the road, there are probably a few hundred that haven’t.

Negligence and drunk driving played a major role in the 1 714 fatal car accidents reported over the last holiday season. Fly and arrive safely – and you can even have a drink on the way!

3.      There’s no traffic in the air

During holiday periods there are high volumes of cars passing through major toll roads on national freeways. This could add unexpected travel time and stress to an already long journey.

If you’re taking your own car, driving will also add unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle, which will probably sit in the sun, unused, for most of your holiday.

However, if you do need a car, be sure to fly with an airline that has partnered with a reliable and affordable car rental company that will ensure your experience remains a seamless one.

4.      Start your holiday sooner

Typically, driving from Johannesburg to Durban takes five-and-a-half hours, and driving from Johannesburg to Cape Town a whopping 13 hours – and that’s with no rest stops, no traffic and no unforeseen circumstances, like bad weather.

Flying with an airline that has the best on-time performance in the world means your holiday starts sooner.

When you fly, you’ll arrive at Durban in just one-and-a-half hours or at Cape Town in two hours.

5.      Flying is more affordable than you think

Flight prices have decreased significantly over the past few years. Today, you can find domestic flights for as little as R599 one way.

Don’t allow a long and stressful journey to be the start of your well-deserved time away - make the obvious choice: book your flight tickets online.