The launch of HOMii could draw in new visitors to the country. Clinton Moodley was at the launch.

Could the launch of HOMii , a tech-based residential and lifestyle development solution for Durbanites, entice international and domestic visitors to stay longer in the city? Well, judging by the attraction it received at its launch recently, it is a possibility.

Situated on  Anton Lembede Street (Smith Street), HOMii consists of rental units for those who want to share a communal space, bachelor and one/two bedroom units. Leases are month to month, making it easier for long term travellers to book their ideal getaway while still having their own space.

HOMii is aimed at upcoming professionals or tourists like backpackers or corporates.

Facilities include WiFi, biometric access, kitchens, laundry and optional cleaning. Another exciting feature is the recreational lounge that makes a great gathering spot to meet people.

Being so closely situated in central Durban, HOMii residents have access to beaches, shops, restaurants, bars and business offices at their door step.

Soon  Johannesburg and Cape Town will also have their own HOMii experience.

Chief Executive Officer of Homii, Viren Mungul, said Homii was part of the city’s vision of growing the economy and enjoying a high quality life with equal opportunities.

“It offers safe, convenient and affordable living options with a range of stylish rooms to choose from, modern facilities and a social atmosphere. It would definitely put Durban on the map,” he said.

Chairman Leo Chetty said this was  an exciting breakthrough for Durban.

“Homii will not only contribute to the urgent accommodation needs in the city but its design technology and location all contribute to the city’s vision of urban regeneration and economic activity. We will help support the city with more employment opportunities and allow the city’s people to one day invest in their future.”

The HOMii website and a custom designed Mobile App, will allow anyone in any city the ability to locate, book and pay for their preferred HOMii apartment.

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