It's that time of the year again and packing should be simple. Picture: Independent Traveler.

If you are visiting Durban for the biggest horse racing event this July, then you need to be smart when it comes to packing that suitcase. As a seasoned Durban July goer, many visitors are often unprepared, leaving behind clothing items essential for a weekend beach vacay. Let’s admit it, many of us use the Durban July as an excuse to catch the sun, sea and sardines that Durban has to offer.

Here is a guide to how to pack for the July this year:

Coordinate outfits:  

I often plan what I will wear for a weekend away to help ease the packing dilemma. Many people often pack clothing that ends up not being worn and adds unnecessary space in the suitcase.  By planning looks, you end up saving enough space to bring home those Durban souvenirs.

Carry something warm:  

Durban weather is unpredictable, one moment there is sunshine and the next rain. This is why when packing always add a jacket or sweater to your suitcase as it could come in handy while enjoying the activities that the city has to offer.

Stock some medicine:

The delicious food on offer both in the city and at the July is enough to want anyone to book a flight to come down here. However, before you go rushing out the door to the airport, make sure you pack some medication. It is good to ask your doctor or pharmacist for some recommendations.

Swimwear ready:

Spontaneous beach trips will definitely happen so packing that extra shorts or bikini will come in handy. Besides, who can say no to the lovely warm water Durban has to offer.