Segway tours will help both young and old be entertained.
Segway tours will help both young and old be entertained.
The view of Durban from a helicopter.
The view of Durban from a helicopter.

There is something nostalgic about Durban. So many people have memories of their first beach holiday on the famous Durban Golden mile. Especially people from Limpopo, like me for example, it’s our nearest ocean. Somebody told me the other day that they have not holidayed in Durban in over 15 years because of the overcrowding and its proximity to the city centre.

They sounded like they were discouraging me from going there but I am glad I did not succumb to peer pressure because while I was  there I realised that even though some prefer going to the upmarket and exclusive places like Zimbali, Ballito and Umhlanga. The reality is the majority of the people just want an affordable place to relax with their families.

Segway Gliding

After a quick 15-minute training session, we set off on a breezy ride with our qualified and super strict Segway tour operator. We covered the promenade and I saw some amazing views from a fresh perspective. It was quite liberating to allow the kid in me to come out and play a bit. Hire one at the Moses Mabhida stadium. I did fall off mine while looking deeply into gay man’s eyes (the joke is that I was trying to convert him ), just make sure you don’t end up like me.

Helicopter ride

The helicopter ride from Umhlanga Rocks took my breath away. What a great way to see Durban in 30 minutes and be mesmerised by the breathtaking skyline against the iconic Moses Mabhida stadium.

Cultural experience

For a Zulu cultural kick we visited the Valley of a Thousand Hills perched between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. This picturesque park has magnificent views of the world-famous Valley of a 1000 Hills. Sometimes you think you know about other cultures until you sit down and hear from the horse’s mouth. This tour is great for those who have never been inside a hut and drank traditional beer.

Early morning cycling on the promenade

One thing I noticed about Durbanites is their commitment to healthy living. The mornings are quite busy with runners, cyclists and surfers all over the place. Luckily our hotel at the Maharani owns a few bikes. So I also became a fitness bunny and cycled along the beach. This was definitely one of my highlights. That fresh breeze that hits you as you cycle up the promenade is so crispy and invigorating.