How significant is the Easter Holiday for you and your family?

"We moved to Pretoria at a young age. I was six, so it was a chance for us to go home to the Eastern Cape and length. We went home every year to see grandparents, friends, cousins and to do family events." 

How has the way you celebrate it evolved since you were young?

"LMAO...there is a family event in Ugie, think my dad's older brother is doing a thanksgiving, look all I know is we have been summoned and I know better than to ignore summons and we get to hang out catch up and eat isibhindi (sheep liver) so really nothing has evolved we are just older and we now have kids so it is me making sure my son knows we go HOME for holidays." 

How are you spending this Easter weekend and how excited are you?

"With family. Hopefully not cooking a lot. It is the only downside to going home, the women do not rest shame, we cook and clean ALLLLLL holiday." 

What is your favourite aspect of Easter?

"Easter Eggs, fresh chicken and fresh meat that has been slaughtered." 

What are some of your favourite treats/meals for Easter?

"I left out baked bread from the last question."