Klein Welmoed Wine and Olive Estate. Pic: Supplied

If silence is golden, serenity must be a rare diamond, for it is in short supply today. But if you have a chance, ask your Google Maps lady friend to set you on the path to Klein Welmoed Wine and Olive Estate.

Forget the mountain ranges or even the deep blue sea that you spot as you drive in. Heck, never mind the golf courses either. All that can wait because Klein Welmoed is, quite simply, the best secret in Stellenbosch.

From “Tannie” Karin, who provides the warmest of welcomes - and every snippet of local info a visitor might need - to friendly, attentive staff and resident piggies, who frolic blissfully, this charming getaway is an escape from it all.

They are flexible enough to prepare breakfast a lot closer to noon - perfect for those lie-ins that insist the snooze button be on replay.

Each cottage has a seemingly limitless supply of firewood and there is underfloor heating to keep the toes toasty. There is an outdoor braai because that is what we Saffers do - come rain or shine - and the self-catering units are well stocked for the wannabe Jamie Oliver.

And Klein Welmoed do their own wine. The Foothills range, from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, right through to their crisp and limited Methode Cap Classique, punches infinitely deeper than the pricing suggests.

The micro-climate in this part of the world, just 5km from the ocean, but still under the mountain, allows the vines to develop a distinct flavour, as the cooler climes allow for harvest to be a little deeper in the season.

I am no climate expert but these morsels of information were gleaned from Eron Martin, who held our hand through an interesting wine-tasting. Be sure to arrange a session with him.

But it is the stay itself that is a real treat. The guest house is old school charm and elegance, with four luxurious suites. Breakfast is a relaxed affair, done with love and generosity.

For those after elusive serenity, the cottages at Klein Welmoed are where owners, Glenn Hesse and Tim Featherby, have really outdone themselves. There is attention to detail, but not an over-indulgence of furnishing so as to overwhelm a weary traveller after the simple pleasures of couch, wine and snooze.

The bedrooms are spacious, the bathrooms modern and immaculate. The fireplace in each abode provides the perfect way to end a day of leisure. Klein Welmoed truly is an unforgettable escape. It is full of little delights, a flurry of smiles and, most important, it can be as quiet as a mouse.

The airport is just 20 minutes away but could be a lifetime away. You can see the sea and feel the mountains but it is as if you are in your own little bubble of bliss, where time stops and minds relax.

I couldn’t think of a better way to recharge the batteries than this little gem at the end of a lane.

Call 0218420045 and visit www.kleinwelmoed.co.za or https://www.facebook.com/kleinwelmoed