Expect to see Middle East finest animals at Shaumari Wildlife Reserve, which opens this summer.

The eagerly anticipated reopening of  Shaumari Wildlife Reserve , the first wildlife protection reserve in Jordan, is here.

After closing for 5 years for maintenance and refurbishment, Shaumari Wildlife Reserve will open for the summer.

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is home to some of rarest species in the Middle East including, oryx, gazelles, hyena, Imperial Eagles and onagers.

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve has been praised for returning the Arabian Oryx back to its native habitat in 1978, following its extinction from Jordan in 1920.

So what can guests expect when they visit? The renovated Shaumari Wildlife Visitor Centre celebrates the story of the reserve, its inhabitants and biodiversity, followed by an intimate Oryx Safari Tour.

Situated southeast of Amman, Shaumari Wildlife Visitor Centre is open daily to visitors with limited spaces available on the Oryx Safari tour, as seven-people will only be taken out on each excursion, and advanced bookings are recommended.

While on safari, guests will get an in depth look at the reserve, sights and views while also having a traditional  Jordanian tea break.

Nasr Al-Tamimi, Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Wild Jordan, was quoted in Breaking Travel News saying that the reserve was a fantastic experience for tourists visiting Jordan as it showcases the diversity of the country and passion for conservation whether it is wildlife, history or culture.

He said every visitor will also be helping to safeguard this important reserve as money will be reinvested in breeding programmes to continue reviving species that are endangered or rare.”

Source: Breaking Travel News.