The Plaza Hotel in Buenos Aires. Photo: Wikimedia commons.

For today's focus on South American gems, the oldest hotels in Argentina. Some of these hotels are known for the highest amount of luxury that they provide. Most of the hotels in this list promise the finest luxury and are five star establishments.  

1. Alvear Palace Hotel (85 years old) 

Located in Buenos Aires, according to the hotel's website it was opened in 1932 to provide accommodation for the European travelers that were coming into the province. It is still currently styled with he majesty of the rooms and suites, the lobby and public areas reflect the styles Louis XIV and Louis XVI, which are visible in their style furniture, glass chandeliers, walls decorated with gold foil and works of art by renowned artists.In 1993, it was included in the list of 'Leading Hotels of the World'. 

2. Hotel Castelar (88 years old)

The Castelar Hotel and Spa opened its doors for the first time in 1929. Also featuring the European architecture and decor which seems to have been a popular style in that era, it also boasts the room of a famous poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, whose room has now been turned into a public museum.The famous writers Norah Lange, Oliverio Girando, Alfonsina Storni, Jorge Luis Borges and painters Pettoruti and Soldi are some of the distinguished figures who have visited the hotel. 

3. The Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires (108 years old) 

This hotel was opened in 1909 and its site boasts that it was grown and developed in line with the development of the city of Buenos Aires. The hotel also proudly claims that it has the best views in the city. It boasts a large history of esteemed guests such as famous writers, artists, presidents and royalty who have chosen the hotel as their preferred hotel such as  American President Theodore Roosevelt, General Charles de Gaulle, the first astronauts, Pelé, Mará Callas and Doctor Albert Sabin, among others.

4. La Mansión (97 years old) 

Built in 1918 by Félix de Álzaga Unzué a South American heir to a ranching fortune the hotel celebrates its 97th birthday in 2017. de Álzaga Unzué is said to have built the hotel as a gift for his young bride Elena Peña Unzué. Until the hotel was completed, the couple is said to have lived with Félix’s parents for four years. Even though the hotel has been remodeled, an attempt is said to have been made by the Four Seasons group-which now currently owns the hotel to keep its elaborate decor style.  

5.El Castillo 

The hotel is said to have been functioning as a hotel since 1870. The hotel is now known for it's eco-friendliness and how it only operates from January to July only. The hotel admits mainly families during this time.