Pertinent questions answered about Qatar travel restrictions. Picture: Qatar Airways.

As a result of some of the diplomatic decisions affecting the Middle East this week travellers may be affected by flight changes, cancellations or rerouting. All air and sea ports as well as land borders between Qatar and seven nations have been closed which means that all flights are suspended from today and until further notice between Qatar and these nations. Qatar Airways (QR) is restricted from the seven nations' airspace until further notice.


Flight Centre Travel group addresses traveller queries:


Will the diplomatic changes affect travellers?

There are likely to be passengers whose flights may be affected by the diplomatic actions of several countries (at the time of writing, the Maldives, Yemen, Libya Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in suspending all diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Flight Centre Travel Group recommends all passengers contact their travel consultants and or airlines for updates, however Flight Centre is making every effort to get in touch with customers to advise if their travel may be affected.

The group will be following the applicable procedures as outlined by the relevant airlines. Flight Centre will assist customers with the communication received by the relevant airlines. Any updated information that we receive will be communicated to our customers. Our customers remain our number one priority at this time.

The UAE cruise season starts in November allowing the cruise companies to make all the necessary decisions on how to proceed on this matter. If the safety of passengers is a concern or if diplomatic changes require so, the relevant port of call will be omitted or substituted, however this will be communicated with all Cruiseabout customers timeously.


How are airlines handling the situation?

Flight Centre Travel Group has reached out to all airlines in the region requesting updates for their passengers.

Travellers may be affected by route changes, or flight cancellations, rerouting, or other flight changes. Various airlines have provided updates on their websites such as:

·  Emirates (EK) advice

·  Etihad (EY) advice

·  Qatar (QR) advice

·  Egypt Air (MS) has advised via Twitter that all flights to Doha were suspended. The airline has not updated its website but may do so later today.  Check advice:

·  Gulf Air (GF) advice

·  Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV) advice

·  Libyan Airlines (LN) has not updated its website but may do so later.  Check advice here

Many of the affected airlines are offering refunds or re-accommodation to another port for customers who are booked to fly between Qatar and one of the affected countries.

It is business as usual for Qatar airline passengers unless they are flying to one of the seven nations that have severed ties.  Customers who are travelling to or via Qatar to Europe or another destination (other than the seven listed above) will be able to travel as normal.


How do you intend to alleviate traveller concerns?

Flight Centre staff are on standby to assist passengers and are receiving regulate alerts regarding changes as they occur. Travellers are urged to contact their travel consultants as soon as possible in order to alleviate any worries or concerns. In addition, travellers can contact their airline directly for updates if they did not use a travel agent or consultant to make their bookings. Travellers can also access updated information from many of the airlines via the airlines official social media channels. Normal change and cancellation policies will apply to customers who wish to adjust any travel plans not directly impacted by this situation.