In search for whales, which we managed to spot later on our trip. Pictures: South Coast Ocean Safaris.

An early morning ocean safari was all it took for me to get out of bed at 4am on a cold Spring morning. We are on a tour with Tourism KZN as we focus on some of the provinces most sought after destinations. This time we are at the South Coast, just an hour and a half from Durban. The ocean safari is an usual experience where you get to see whales, dolphins and flying fish up close while on a speed boat.

The view from up top. Picture: South Coast Ocean Safaris.

We get to Shelly Beach just after 6am. We are told to sign indemnity forms and were later ushered into two different speed boats. We were told to leave behind our shoes and our cellphones as there was going to be lots of water splashing into the boat. The speed boat takes 14 people, including the boat shipper named Spike and our tour guide named Adriaan.I admit that I was scared at first, but our tour guide Adriaan eased us into the whole experience.

We spotted anchovies swimming by. Picture: South Coast Ocean Safaris.

I was overwhelmed at the beauty of the South Coast, packaged into one view.There's St Mikes, Unongo, Ramsgate and Margate that can be seen while on the boat. You even get to see the lighthouse and sky bar at Desroches Hotel that South Coast is known for.

If you look closely, you will see a whale. Picture: South Coast Ocean Safaris.

Deep inside sea, we see the whales from the distance. They are shy and try to hide as much as they can. Fly fish bolt across the boat like lighting. When we reach the whales, we hear that it's mating season. There are male whales who are swimming around for the female whales attention. Adriaan tells us that the male whales can be competitive as they in heat.

In search for whales, which we managed to spot later on our trip. Pictures: South Coast Ocean Safaris.

I must add that there are a bit of bumps along the way, which is why you should make sure you have some motion sickness tablets before stepping on board. The most fun I had on a boat was on this trip. There is something exhilarating about being on a speeding boat, having the waves splashed on your face with the taste of seawater on your lips.

Fly fish kept us entertained when the whales were not around. Picture: South Coast Ocean Safaris.

I never felt so free on a boat before. I also liked that there is no cellphones allowed. Most of the time we get so preoccupied taking selfies that we never experience a place. With no phones, you get to take in all of the wanders the world has to offer. Adriaan also enlightened us on the shark nets process and how often it gets checked a week. Try this experience if you are keen for adventure and adrenaline, it is definitely something to tick off your bucket list. Prices start from R430pp. For more information, contact South Coast Ocean Safaris on 076 835 0506.