Four eco- friendly hotels, retreats and lodges in Australia

One of the Eco beach resort's internal tents. Photo: Green Getaways.

One of the Eco beach resort's internal tents. Photo: Green Getaways.

Published Jul 20, 2017


Global warming has made travelers more alert of their own habits, and the impact these behaviours have on the environment. This has pushed more and more establishments to be green in how they operate. Here's a list of (with some of their best features) some green establishments in Australia. 

1.  Ovolo Nishi in Canberra

Located in Australia's inland Capital, the hotel is part of a building that's considered the most sustainable building within the arts and culture precinct, NewActon. Some of its green features include: The hotel's gardens are irrigated with rain water, all paint used in the hotel is low VOC (volatile organic compounds so carcinogenic chemicals are omitted), the public lounge has been finished with recycled timber floor boards.

and its grand stair is made from recycled timber collected from a demolished house; a basketball court; from the Nishi’s construction site itself; and from off cuts of Nishi’s own Blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis) façade.

2. Radisson Blu Hotel, Sydney 

The Radisson Blu has been certified by EarthCheck Australia (Sliver Status) as a green establishment. In addition to their commitment to empowering and employing local staff, the Radisson Blu hotel states proudly its commitment to participating in local green events such as Clean Up Australia, Earth Hour, Club Red (Blood Donation) and the World Childhood Foundation. The hotel also donates it's reject linens and unused amenities to Clothes Line, a charity for the homeless and disadvantaged. 


The Wilderness retreat became certified a nature refuge in 2007 which means by Australian law, no trees can be removed. It is registered with the Queensland Governement Environmental Protection Agency. The buildings of the retreat are all built on previously degraded areas. In construction phases, it was ensured that no trees were removed. There has been 25 000 trees replanted in the retreat since 1995. The  retreat uses 240 volt mains to operate lights and appliances. Gas powers the instantaneous hot water services and cook tops. The heating in the retreat's buildings is achieved through slow combustion fireplaces. 

4. Eco Beach Resort, Western Australia 

Besides views to die for, the eco beach resort boasts solar panels on top of it's facilities which also powers the resort's energy monitoring systems. This allows guests to check their own energy usage. It also offers energy efficient LED lights for guests. The floor boards are made of bamboo, while the louvre (each of a set of angled slats fixed or hung at regular intervals in a door, shutter, or screen to allow air or light to pass through) windows have been positioned to improve the flow of fresh ocean breezes and high ceilings provide natural cooling efficiency.

       Solar panels on the Eco Beach resort's roofs. Photo: Green Getaways

These places are perfect for your next international #greengetaway. Which one will you pick? 

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