South African Reggie Khumalo will drive his motorcycle through Africa in support for artists. Picture: @DudefromSA

Reggie Khumalo will travel 14 countries from Cape Town to Casablanca in Morocco covering over 18 000 kilometers in 20 weeks.

The Ride and Artist Within initiative is a journey across Africa to raise funds to support young and upcoming artists in  Africa.

Khumalo said the funds will be raised through a series of paintings that will be done in every country he visits. It will be auctioned at an unveiling exhibition when he returns.

“This gripping initiative aims to empower and promote African Art. This initiative will be like nothing we have seen before. The money raised will help art students pay for their tertiary education.

“I will be documenting my journey on video and via photographs on my social media channels. To add to my adventure, I plan to find artists in a particular country. I am in search for the next Gerard Sekoto,” he said.

He is looking forward to enjoying Africa and experiencing the different cultures.

Khumalo will ride with empty canvasses and hopes to “bring Africa back with me on a canvass.”

When asked about the obstacles of this trip, he said: “I guess there is going to be dangers from all angles, be it road accidents, wild animals, thieves, war and health. The dangers are endless. There are some safety concerns, especially in Sudan and Egypt with all the political unrest, but other than that it would be road accidents.”

A fundraising event will take place tonight in Sandton.

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