One of the hotels known for its famous guests, The Park Hyatt, in Sydney. Photo: Hotel Website

Imagine sitting at a table across Brangelina. Or sleeping in the same room that Justin Bieber slept in. These are some of the faces that have been spotted at the hotels we list below. See what makes these hotels amazing and which famous faces you may bump into at the corridors. 

1. Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff – Arizona, USA

This hotel carries more of a historical significance with it being famous during the 1920s  American prohibition era. It is believed that people could buy alcohol here during this era. There are also tales of haunting that happens at the hotel, the most famous one being of a woman that is spotted sitting in a rocking chair...If ghost stories are not for you, then rather focus on the celebrity side, where you can find sleeping in room 403 where legendary British guitarist for the band Queen slept. Or in room 307 where Debbie Reynolds, renowned film star and mother of beloved Carrie Fischer once slept. It's a win-win really. 

Today the hotel stands proudly in Flagstaff Arizona as a firm part of the city life. Travelers still delight in the ability to sleep in these rooms where the rich and famous spent some time. It has simple rooms that are simply decorated and it is a major part of the city's nightlife. 

2. Belmond Copacabanna Palace, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

From Will Smith to Helen Mirren, this hotel has sees regular celebrity visitors. It's proximity to to the Copacabana beach has also makes it a prime spot for the rich and famous looking to catch a bit of sunlight and enjoy Rio. The beach has been the location for films as well. 
The hotel itself is a glorious piece of historical Rio, with the architecture carrying pieces of this history in its actual building. The rooms are charming and elegantly decorated,with the hotel boasting a number of amenities onsite such as a boutique store, tennis court, beach service and fitness center to name a few. 
          The exterior of the Copacabana Palace in Brazil. Photo: Hotel Website        

3. The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Montreal, Canada

Another hotel with a bit of historical presence is the The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth where suite 1742, now baptised the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Suite is. The pair is said to have recorded "Give Peace a Chance" in this very hotel room in 1969. Every year on December 8, the death anniversary of Lennon, two dozen red and white roses are placed at the door of the suite, in commemoration. 

Today the hotel is modern and decorated to fit in with the chic nature of Montreal. The 950 rooms of the hotel will undergo renovations, with floors 4-17 now open and operational. The hotel maintains its classy image that is to be associated with Fairmont properties from across the world. 

        The hotel's lobby. Photo: Hotel Website

This hotel is known as one of Sydney's top hotels, with it being frequented by many a personality. It has been graced by the likes of Michael Buble and Nicole Kidman. According to Australian news agency The Australian, the hotel recently went through the exercise of installing additional features in the hotel such as privacy shades to keep out the prying eye of the paparazzi. The hotel is also renowned for going the extra mile for it's guests. They are said to have turned an interconnecting room into a second walk-in room for one guest, and set up a private gym for another. 
The hotel has 155 guestrooms and suites, most of which have floor to ceiling glass doors that open up to private balconies. It also has a rooftop pool and gives visitors glorious views of Sydney. 

        The Park Hyatt's Rooftop pool. Photo: Hotel Website