Spa Treatment help with blood circulation. Pic by Amila Tennakoon
Most people who are lucky enough to still be on holiday are coming back to work next week. That means that this week is really the final weekend to do enjoy and turn up before the city streets are packed again and work gets back to normal.

There aren't many interesting events happening anywhere around the country this weekend, which is fine because this is probably the perfect time to kickback and relax. 

I have two suggestions that will help you make sure you go back to work on Monday feeling fresh and energized for the year ahead:

Visit a good spa

Not only can spa treatments like massage and heat therapy improve  blood circulation and regulate blood pressure, they also help with breathing. Spa treatments are also great for relieving stress, slowing down the aging process and having a good time with family/friends. It can be a bit expensive, but if you have some disposable income, it's definitely worth your time. 


Whether you were drinking like crazy or eating a lot of unhealthy or fattening food (which is basically everybody), detoxing is an important tool to rid the body of hazardous toxins that may otherwise result in  digestive issues, nausea, mood swings and skin issues. There are plenty sources on the internet that can help you identify the best regiments for an effective detox, and they generally consist of a diet of  water, juice or broth,  smoothies, supplements, herbs, teas and  clean eating.