Honeymoons can be fun if you plan right.
Should you go on honeymoon right after the wedding, or rather wait? Stay close to home, or head somewhere far-flung? Should it be a beach or a city getaway?

“Each newly-wed couple’s ideal honeymoon getaway is as unique as they are’, says Natalie Tenzer-Silva of Dana Tours in Mozambique.

“There are no hard and fast rules when planning a honeymoon, it is ultimately what the couple’s personal wishes dictate. With that said, there are however some key points to consider when planning a honeymoon.”

Dana Tours shares a step-by-step guide to planning and ultimately enjoying the perfect honeymoon.

Think destination first

While this may seem obvious, the destination you choose for your planned honeymoon can either make or break the experience.

Will both partners be happy to spend all their time on the beach? Or are both happy to go on a cultural city-only break? What is the weather like during the time of year you will be travelling?

Always think beyond the place name. Look deeper into what the destination has to offer both of you - not just for one day, but for all the days you are planning to spend there.

Mozambique is the ideal honeymoon destination for most couples as it offers a multitude of experiences ranging from island styling on the pristine beaches, to heading out into the African wilderness to enjoying vibrant city life. The added benefit of Mozambique is of course the great weather all-year round.  

Consider the amount of time you can both take off

Regardless of where you are travelling, ensure that you can take enough time off work to enjoy your honeymoon rather than having to rush through the experience.

If you only have limited time available, consider a destination that is not too far away. You wouldn’t want to spend two - or perhaps more – days of your well-deserved break travelling on airplanes or waiting around in airports. 

Again, for South African couples, Mozambique is ideal with only minimal travelling time before you arrive on your honeymoon paradise. Conveniently timed flights are available from major gateways to various destinations in Mozambique. Couples feeling a bit more adventurous can perhaps opt to self-drive.

Get what you want

Make a list of the amenities and services that are absolute must-haves for you both. Once you’ve compiled the list, search for hotels and destinations that include those top items. 

Let’s say it’s crucial that your hotel offers a top-notch spa facility or a gym. The last thing you want is to book your accommodation for the duration of your stay only to find out that the facility doesn’t even have a spa or a treadmill.

Decide on the vibe

What kind of honeymoon do you both want? Are you looking for something active or are you craving all-day relaxation? Or perhaps you are looking for a combination experience? 

Mozambique is again ready and able to assist with any requests, without compromise. An added benefit is that luxury on your honeymoon in Mozambique is not optional, but promised.

With its remote setting and assured privacy, Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort is the perfect exclusive escape. Newlyweds looking for an adventure under the stars, should consider the Robinson Crusoe-style star bed option. This experience invites couples to spend a night sleeping in a king size four-poster bed encompassed by lanterns, underneath the Mozambique night sky.

Or consider Machangulo Beach Lodge where newlyweds will enjoy barefoot luxury on the untouched beaches, untamed wildlife and luxurious service. Situated on a ridge overlooking the amazing scenery, each the lodge’s five premium ocean view rooms has a private deck, en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, mini bar and many other luxury amenities.

If you are looking to immerse yourself more in the culture of Mozambique, then Bahia Mar Vilankulo is the ultimate destination. You’ll experience colourful local culture as well as the fabulous beauty of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Out of Pocket Costs

Going hand-in-hand with your choice of accommodation, is the consideration of out of pocket costs. Establish what services such as food, transport and activities will cost you.

Sometimes these costs can considerably add up, leaving you with the unexpected and unpleasant surprise of a steep credit card bill when you come back home.