Even if you travelling for work, why not go out and explore a bit. Picture: Bigstock.

Corporate travel, or bleisure as most people like to call it, happens when a person travels for work. This allows them to travel and conduct business at the same time. Here are some tips:

Be organised

Planning trips of this nature can help lighten the workload. Business travellers  should  look at their itinerary and see how they can best plan for their work and leisure times. Take business cards as you never know who you will meet. Make sure you’ve ticked off every item before leaving for the airport.


Steer clear of drinks that will not keep you at your best


Steer clear of alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before your trip. Experts have said that it dehydrates you and makes jet lag much worse. Let water be your best friend.

App downloads

There are many mobile apps available for business travellers that will make your trip much more simpler.  From cool spots to check out in a particular country to sorting out your schedule, there is an app for everything.

Go out and explore

Many business travellers tend to be serious while in a different country. They spend so much time on their work that they find no time to experience the country. When travelling, take a few hours away from work and go in search of adventure. You will thank yourself later.