Long train rides can be exhausting, but simple tips can make your journey comfortable. Picture: Ken Hurst.

Long train rides can be exhausting, especially when there is minimal stops along the way to stretch your legs. Train travel has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and more people are taking trains to their destinations. If you are planning a long train travel, why not follow these simple tips:

Pack a travel pillow

With the number of people who use the train, the last thing you want is to doze off on the shoulder of the next person. A travel pillow will help you stay in one place and have minimum distractions.

Be aware of theft

Even if you travelling by train in a foreign country, make sure that you safeguard your belongings. Having peace of mind when you travel and take a nap is important as the last thing you want is to lose your ticket, money and personal documents.

Carry some food with you

I am not a fan of train food. It is often bland and overpriced, which is never a good feeling when you hungry. You can buy drinks on the plane if you do not have enough space to carry them onto the train.

If it's a night or more than 10 hours, request a sleeping compartment or business class

As much as you want to travel to a destination, comfort along the way is important. Unless you in a luxury train, chances are your comfort is going to be compromised. Paying extra for a sleeping compartment or business class will make your trip more bearable.

Carry some entertainment

Long train rides can be boring if you do not carry on some form of entertainment. I suggest taking some books, television series on your mobile or adult colouring books. If you want to rest, some sleep enhancing music that can be downloaded on your Play Store is ideal.