Athens, Greece
The beauty of this image isn't necessarily in the technique behind it, but what it represents. Greece is one of the most fabled countries in the world, and Athens is perhaps its most symbolic city. 

It is Italy's capital and largest city, and is also one of the world's oldest cities.  Regarded as the cradle of civilization, Athens has some of the most renowned architectural structures in the world such as this, the Parthenon, a former temple which was built in 432 BC and dedicated to the goddess Athena.

Propilei, 437 a.C.

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Ancient monuments, such as this, are hallmarks of the city - both highlighting a rich heritage and adding a classic, historical feel to the city. This historical energy is what separates Athens from many other major cities of the world which have been globalized to such an extent that they have lost all remnants of their history. This is a special structure.