Instameets are enticing travellers all over the world.

Instameets is the new way to travel. Many destinations are roping influential instagrammers to showcase what their city has to offer. Barba Gaoganediwe, Senior Manager Destination Communication for Gauteng Tourism Authority, said Instameets happen  when a group of avid Instagrammers get together at  a predetermined location to take photos and videos together.

“Instameets have since provided the perfect opportunity for these users to actually meet face-to-face and hang out together. It is also a platform for Instagrammers to share tips and tricks with each other and of course the perfect excuse to get out and explore someplace new,” she said.

According to her, the trend started a few years ago from a spin-off of ‘tweet-ups’ – where people who followed each other on Twitter would have face-to-face meet ups and discuss particular topics.

“Instameets were inspired by shared interests of upcoming as well as professional photographers. However, nowadays you don’t need to be a professional photographer to go along on one, if you have a smartphone, you’re pretty much set,” she said.

Robyn Leigh Elford from Red Lips Communications, who was vital in a Cape Town Instameet last week, said that it allowed people to showcase  areas and experiences from the local’s perspective from many different angles. “It gives the tourists and followers a genuine and authentic experience,” she said.