The DogHouse Hotel, every beer lovers dream.

Do you like beer? Of course you do. But do you really, really, really like beer? Are you into craft beers, homemade brews and collecting bottles? Then you're a bona fide beer lover. Now, there's a hotel that's just for you. It's also a place that can teach business owners something about branding. But first, let's talk beer.

There's a craft beer company from Scotland called Brewdog that hasn't sold any beer yet here in the United States. But it plans to. How to get the word out? Many business owners would resort to the traditional methods like advertising or marketing campaigns. But the owners at Brewdog have decided to do something different to create a buzz and build a community. They're starting a hotel.A beer hotel.

Located in Columbus, Ohio and conveniently next to Brewdog's 100,000 square foot brewery, guests at the company-owned hotel called The DogHouse will soon be able to enjoy certain amenities that only super-serious beer loving lunatics will appreciate.

According to the Daily Mail, the hotel will feature a "craft beer spa, complete with hop face masks, malted barley massages, "Hoppy Feet" pedicures, plus hop-infused shampoo and shower gels." (hop-infused shower gels?). But that's not all. Rooms will overlook the feeders inside the brewery and there will be mini-fridges filled with specially chosen craft beers. . .located in rooms and in the showers, of course. The brewery's finest offerings will be on tap throughout the facility and guests can enjoy brewery tours as well. Oh, and let's not forget the "deluxe beer-infused breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with beers matched to every course." Yum. Burp.

"Every single part of your stay at DogHouse will be absolutely dominated by hops, malt and incredible beer; from your shower, to your breakfast, to the view from your room, to the minibar and perks like your own Punk IPA tap," BrewDog co-founder James Watt told the Daily Mail. "Forget Disneyland, this is the new happiest place on Earth."

Brewdog has discovered a creative way to get attention and build its brand by connecting its products to other businesses (a hotel) that one normally wouldn't think about. Yet it all kind of makes sense. Or maybe I've just had a few too many. . .