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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Let's get it on: 4 ways to spice up your holiday sex life

Mahomedy believes that being on holiday could help reinvent and spice up your sex life. Picture: PxFuel

Mahomedy believes that being on holiday could help reinvent and spice up your sex life. Picture: PxFuel

Published Mar 4, 2020


Luxurious hotel rooms and exotic destinations provide the ideal setting to have "sexy time" with your other half, right? Wrong! 

Not many travellers are getting as intimate on holiday as you may think.

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Finding time for sex during holidays is never easy, especially when couples travel with their children, family or friends. 

Often, travellers are exhausted by their hours of touring that there’s no time to get loved up with their partner. 

“Finding time for sex or the lack of sex in our daily lives seems to be the norm in relationships,” said  Zakir Mahomedy, a South African somatic and tantric sex coach.

“Due to our fast-paced of living, absorbed with day to day rituals, children and plain boredom in one's relationship tends to create stagnation within the relationship. There is just no time to have sex or sex is not on the priority list,” he said. 

Mahomedy believes that being on holiday could help reinvent and spice up your sex life. 

South African somatic and tantric sex coach Zakir Mahomedy.

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He shared a few tips with us:

Learn your partner’s love language

The brain is the biggest sexual organ, and the beginning of your sexual passion, desire and “blissfully orgasmic sex” starts with the brain. 

“Emotional intimacy creates a foundation for sexual arousal and desire,” said Mahomedy. 

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He said couples need to learn their partner's love language. 

“Each one of us has a unique way of feeling wanted. When you know your partner’s love language, a deeper sense of love and appreciation is communicated. Emotional foreplay starts when you first wake up and its communicated throughout the day. When your partner makes you feel valued, you are naturally more attracted to them."

Mahomedy said travellers should make the most of their time alone together without any distractions.

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“If you can make time for that morning jog, you can make time to explore each other's nakedness.”

He offers an exercise you can try: “Wake up to your beloved in your hotel room and stare at them for a few minutes. This allows you to connect by taking in each other's presence. 

"A gentle touch allows you to establish a different type of intimacy. The feelings that arise at that moment may lead to a morning quickie or a gentle surrendering of sensual kissing.”

Break the holiday routine

Mahomedy said there was no reason why travellers should stick to their normal sex routine while on holiday. 

“Holiday sex can be more intense. Sex is more intense when there is a freshness to it. Ever thought of joining the Mile High Club? To be best of my knowledge, there is no law against it. 

"However, one has to be discrete about it. If you want to give yourself the best chance at joining the Mile High Club, take a midnight flight where most passengers are likely to be asleep!” 

He suggested that travellers carry a pack of sexual fantasy cards that describe an act that needs to be done by your partner.  

“Use these cards whenever you feel comfortable. Be spontaneous,” he advised. 

Experiment with your erotic side

For adventurous people, a holiday is your chance to explore your hidden kink? 

“While on holiday, we are free to explore our deeper erotic sides of that turns us on as there is a sense of safety and confidence within you. It allows you to drop your inhibitions,” said Mahomedy. 

He recommends packing sex toys and other out of your comfort zone tricks. 

“Allow yourself to test your boundaries with different types of fantasies. Most cities will have different types of clubs that will offer guests to explore different types of kinks. Find one that suits your curiosity,” he added. 

Explore tantric sensuality

Mahomedy believes travellers should explore their tantric sensuality. 

“Bring the art of blissful tantric sensuality on your vacation. Tantric sensuality is about falling in love with your partner and celebrating life.”

He recommends setting the mood with candles, fruit, drinks, and music. 

“Tantra is the journey, not the destination. There are plenty of books on sensual touch, and makes for the perfect in-flight reading.” 

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