Being comfortable on a plane is important. With some key essentials, you will have a great time.

Long haul flights can be terrible if you not well prepared. Here are my must pack items:

Eye mask:

If you want to escape from the world, bring an eye mask. Once on, you can dream about the destination you are going on or being on an exotic location. Either way, it will help ease a long haul flight, especially when you have jitters.

Travel pillow:

For those of you who like to get shut eye, a travel pillow is important. While aircrafts provide their own pillows, it's not as good as your own. A travel pillow helps hold your head in one place so you do not get injured when you doze off or during high turbulence.


If you like me and love music, then a earphone is a great thing to carry on. It blocks out the noise. If you do not have space, you can use the on board ones.


I usually download some TV series and movies on my iPad when going on a 8 hour or longer flight. Often I find that the on board entertainment is not as great or I have watched the movie already. This also allows you to catch up on series while you flying to your holiday.

A good read

Reading on a plane is absolute bliss. I usually carry a 350 or more page novel with me as it can keep me company on all flights. Your book choice will be determined by the genre that you like. I prefer crime and comedy books. If you not much of a novel person then I suggest you stock up on some international magazines at the airport.


Carry a good eye drop to help reduce fatigue in the eyes. Long haul flights also require a good moisturising session that can be done in 5 minutes before your plane lands.

Have a time schedule

I am a believe or time schedules. What is it? A time schedule is a list of things you hope to achieve on a flight. For example, If you have a 8 hour flight then you can schedule things to do per an hour. Take in consideration the meal times as well. This will help balance your time and achieve all your in flight requirements.

Remember flying can be fun, you just need to be prepared.

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